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If you want to run multiple ant-virus programs upon your computer, you can disable Avast’s computerized protection method and use the “Passive Mode” option. Passive Mode will eradicate the ant-virus from running in the background and steer clear of the do away with process, that may slow down your pc. Besides, cybersecurity it can make your system less responsive and reduce the performance. You may also use the Unaggressive modes with other programs, including other secureness programs.

To activate Passive mode in Avast, you must go to the Settings tabs of the software. You should look into the box that says “I want to switch off Avast anyway. ” After enabling this option, reboot your computer and run Avast. It will find any dangers and will after that automatically in order to the passive mode. Just click OK just to save changes. Following installing Avast, click on the Products menu. The device Protection option will probably be inactive.

Once you start Avast, it will automatically switch to passive function. This means that Avast will not be allowed to detect any kind of threats. If you see any suspect files, you can use them in a “safe environment” before running them. You can even disable avast altogether if you would like to use that for online games. If you want to perform the program without a likelihood of being affected by it, make sure that you turn on passive mode first.

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